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int unicode_utf8_len ( char  lead_byte  ) 

Gets the length of a UTF-8 character.

lead_byte the first byte of a UTF-8 character;
Return values:
>0 the length in bytes of the UTF-8 character;
-EILSEQ invalid UTF-8 lead byte;
For performance reasons, this function does not parse the whole UTF-8 byte sequence, just the first byte. If checking the validity of the whole UTF-8 byte sequence is needed, use unicode_utf8_to_wchar().

Definition at line 45 of file utf8.c.

      int k;
      for (k = 0; k < 4; k++)
            if ((lead_byte & t[k].mask) == t[k].val)
                  return k + 1;
      return -EILSEQ;

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