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wchar_t unicode_simple_fold ( wchar_t  wc  ) 

Simple case folding of a wide character.

wc the wide character to fold.
If a simple folding is defined, the folded version of wc is returned, otherwise wc is returned unchanged.
This function performs simple case folding using two accesses in large lookup tables.
Case folding provides a mapping between characters that only differ in case. This is useful for case insensitive comparison. Simple case folding maps a single wide character to another single wide character (usually lower case). Full case folding, instead, may map a single wide character to more wide characters.

Definition at line 550 of file simple_fold.c.

      if ((wc >= 0) && (wc < 0x10000))
            const uint16_t *p = pages[wc >> 8];
            if (p) wc = (wchar_t) p[wc & 0xFF];
      else if ((wc >= 0x10400) && (wc <= 0x10427)) wc += 0x28;
      return wc;

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